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Dictionaries for macOS

Make your Mac better with translation and spelling dictionaries for your language.

“Great application, it’s really tremendously useful.”— Patrick Lerner
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How Does It Work?

Dictionaries are deeply integrated into macOS. They work exactly like Apple’s own and are available everywhere. In all your apps. In Look Up and Spotlight. Everywhere you type text.

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Dictionaries also installs a spellchecking dictionary, if it’s not already included with macOS, and makes it available in all apps.


When you don't know a particular word, its translation is only a three-fingers tap or force-click away, right where you are. All dictionaries are bidirectional, so you can translate both from and to English.


Most English definitions include audio pronunciation when opened in Dictionary. Perfect for learning!

Free Updates

All dictionaries receive regular free updates.

Spotlight Integration

You can also search for translations in Spotlight. macOS intelligently detects which dictionaries to search based on your keyboard and language settings.

All 81 Supported Languages:

Definitions Spellchecking
Español Spanish117,617builtin
Afrikaans Afrikaans7,072✔︎
አማርኛ Amharic1,634✔︎
Aragonés Aragonese1,176✔︎
العربية Arabic49,181✔︎
অসমীয়া Assamese✔︎
Asturianu Asturian10,157✔︎
Azərbaycanca Azerbaijani7,484✔︎
Беларуская Belarusian16,133✔︎
Български Bulgarian40,920✔︎
বাংলা Bengali7,625✔︎
Brezhoneg Breton5,237✔︎
Català Catalan39,344✔︎
Čeština Czech59,738✔︎
Cymraeg Welsh13,398✔︎
Dansk Danish31,901builtin
Deutsch German135,547builtin
Ελληνικά Greek55,361✔︎
Esperanto Esperanto36,969✔︎
Eesti Estonian18,775✔︎
Euskara Basque7,264✔︎
فارسی Persian30,165✔︎
Suomi Finnish166,808builtin (10.11+)
Føroyskt Faroese14,930✔︎
Français French147,455builtin
West-frysk Western Frisian3,908✔︎
Gaeilge Irish36,832✔︎
Gàidhlig Scottish Gaelic21,797✔︎
Galego Galician15,521✔︎
ગુજરાતી Gujarati3,142✔︎
Hausa Hausa1,630✔︎
עברית Hebrew33,360✔︎
हिन्दी Hindi20,514✔︎
Magyar Hungarian58,532✔︎
Հայերեն Armenian36,825✔︎
Bahasa indonesia Indonesian12,695✔︎
Íslenska Icelandic37,377✔︎
Italiano Italian225,060builtin
ქართული Georgian61,421✔︎
Қазақ тілі Kazakh5,871✔︎
Kurdî (Beta) Kurdish (Beta)1,071✔︎
한국어 Korean43,760builtin
Latin Latin88,453✔︎
ລາວ Lao6,408✔︎
Lietuvių Lithuanian15,128✔︎
Latviešu Latvian45,785✔︎
Malagasy Malagasy7,265✔︎
Македонски Macedonian39,097✔︎
മലയാളം Malayalam3,152✔︎
Монгол Mongolian7,978✔︎
मराठी Marathi4,702✔︎
Bahasa melayu Malay15,481✔︎
ဗမာ Burmese5,338✔︎
Norsk bokmål Norwegian Bokmål45,035builtin
नेपाली Nepali2,379✔︎
Nederlands Dutch79,563builtin
Nynorsk Norwegian Nynorsk19,779✔︎
ଓଡ଼ିଆ Oriya1,052✔︎
ਪੰਜਾਬੀ Punjabi1,742✔︎
Polski Polish55,058builtin
Português (Brasil) Portuguese (Brazil)95,259builtin
Português (Portugal) Portuguese (Portugal)95,112builtin
Română Romanian45,902✔︎
Русский Russian195,566builtin
Srpskohrvatski (Beta) Serbo-Croatian (Beta)108,258✔︎
සිංහල Sinhala2,330✔︎
Slovenčina Slovak14,939✔︎
Slovenščina Slovenian15,295✔︎
Shqip Albanian15,912✔︎
Svenska Swedish74,183builtin
Kiswahili Swahili9,594✔︎
தமிழ் Tamil5,734✔︎
తెలుగు Telugu23,722✔︎
Тоҷикӣ Tajik5,828✔︎
ไทย Thai18,903✔︎
Türkçe Turkish40,520builtin
Українська Ukrainian19,555✔︎
اردو Urdu10,145✔︎
Ўзбек Uzbek4,839✔︎
Tiếng việt Vietnamese24,182✔︎
ייִדיש Yiddish10,080✔︎
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Frequently Asked Questions

Just launch the Dictionaries app and give it a second or two to check for updates. An update button will appear in the toolbar if updates are available.
macOS apps cannot see new spellchecking dictionaries that appeared in the system after they were launched. You must quit the affected app and relaunch it so that it notices your newly installed dictionaries.
This can sometimes happen if you never used Apple's Dictionary app before. To fix it, launch Dictionary (not Dictionaries!) and open its Preferences window. There, re-enable the appropriate dictionary.
To completely uninstall everything, you need to first uninstall the dictionary data files that you installed with Dictionaries and only then uninstall the app itself:
  1. Launch the Dictionaries app.
  2. Remove all dictionaries using the delete button in the toolbar.
  3. Quit the app.
  4. Uninstall the app as usual, by dragging it to the Trash.