Terms of Use & Privacy Policy

We may make changes to our terms when needed. When we do so, we’ll update the “last updated” date at the very bottom of this page.

Privacy policy

tl;dr: We try to not collect any personal data in the first place. Sometimes we have to to provide the service or because we are required by law to do so.

Purchasing and activating license

When you purchase Dictionaries, you do it through Paddle who acts as merchant of record who you enter a contract with. They share order data with us, which allows us to provide license (including forgotten license retrieval) and support. In particular, email address and order number are associated with your license key on Dictionaries’ server.

During license activation, basic information about the device (HW identifier, MAC address, username, device name) is collected for the purpose of fraud prevention and license accounting.


If you subscribe to Dictionaries’s newsletter, we may infrequently email you with news and updates through our email partner. We will not subscribe you automatically and we will never ever under any circumstances sell your email address.

We will only email you, even if you didn’t subscribe to the newsletter, in connection with your purchase: to send you your license key and invoice or to alert you to issues with your purchase (e.g. a failing credit card).

If you send email to support, it will be stored in the email and/or support system.


We use anonymous analytics, including Google Analytics. We don’t share your full IP address with analytics, but anonymize it first. We don’t associate analytics with individual users.


Our web servers log access in the standard way for the purpose of diagnosing issues and maintaining information security. These logs, which include IP addresses, are kept for the maximum of 14 weeks and are not included in longer-term backups.

We track crashes and server errors for the purpose of improving the product and its security. Crash reports may contain your IP address and email address (if you provide it), but they won’t upload your files or other sensitive data.

Data deletion

You are entitled to request complete deletion of your data. You won’t be able to continue to use Dictionaries after data deletion, though, because your license is tied to them.

Last updated: January 29th, 2019