Dictionaries 1

This is an older version of Dictionaries that no longer receives dictionary or app updates. It is supported on macOS versions up to macOS 12 Monterey.

Upgrade to Dictionaries 2

You can also upgrade to version 2 which is actively developed, receiving further updates and has many improvements:
  • Reworked processing & updating engine
    The dictionary engine was reworked from the ground up, with much improved understanding of inflections, word forms and meanings. The new engine allows us to further improve the dictionaries in the future and to update them frequently.
  • Richer dictionaries
    Dictionaries now show word genders. Things like slang expressions etc. are marked as such. There are usage examples for many (non-English) words.
  • Ready for macOS Ventura
    The app was thoroughly modernized and works on macOS Ventura (while still continuing to support older versions down to macOS 10.11).
  • Improved pronunciation audio
    Pronunciation recordings are now volume-normalized, processed to remove noise and faster to play.
  • Improved dark mode and styling
    It was good before. It's better now.